Winter's Call

Hawk in Winter

to the silence
the urge to rest
quiet the mind
release the tension
simply be
allow the cool waters
to flush you clean
warm your bones
by the fire
let the winter winds
blow away your struggles
sink your mind
deep into the earth
breathe into it
sending tendrils
of rootedness
deep, deep, deep
into Mother Earth
ground into this moment
rest now beloved one
allow the inner workings
of your mind to settle
it's winter
time to rest

My Wild Heart

Beauty of the Wild

I've been participating in Jeanette LeBlanc's "30 Questions to Bring You Closer to Your Wild Heart" writing class. This afternoon, contemplating the journey so far, this erupted through the grief and seeming writer's block I've been challenged by.

A Steaming Cauldron

stirring within
memories poked
and rising
ideas I hadn't
considered in years
floating around
loosening bits of the past
wishing, home, love
what do they mean
I feel a new constellation
being born within
will there be a star
that shines over the others
what configuration
will the whole thing take
this feeling of brewing
and stewing
leaves me agitated
and sharp with others
I find I need to curb
my tongue
or it might just bite
what is the flavor

Snuggled Against Your Chest

Right here
this is home
where my soul meets yours
where I am safe
where nothing else matters
I could stay here forever
basking in your arms
snuggled against your chest
loving, simply loving
nothing more
nothing less
angst and worry
fall away
demands and struggles
it's so simple
just loving
nothing more
nothing less
right here
I am home

Pain, Joy, Living

Rainy day

Deep in my joints
aching with use
waking with sharpness
tingling in fingers
cramping in the belly
constant or wavering
physical pain
is my companion.
Tears in my heart
old and new
weighing me down
stealing my aliveness
being my home.
Some days the joy
life or love
come bubbling up
and pain subsides
the blue of the sky
the warmth of the sun
bringing forth
the life within.
But today
the weight of the rain
falls heavily on my soul