Morning, time of awakening and appreciation

Every morning, I curl up on a big red overstuffed sofa and drink my morning latte'. I look out the window at the flowers and the trees beyond. These days this is my view through one of the bay windows. This morning a pair of hummingbirds were making their way through the garden. They've been here for a while now, enjoying the fruits of my labor. Their favorite flower is the crocosmia, the burst of red in the image.

When we moved here, there were three large clumps along with dozens of shrubs and trees planted around the front and side of the house. I wanted an herb garden there, so I spent hours and months clearing the space. If you've ever dug crocosmia, you know they are bulbs sitting on top of bulbs and its impossible to get them all. The crocosmia I missed from one of the big clumps is what you see in this picture.

I took the rest of the flowers and spread them around the place. They are on the hill behind the parking area and there are clumps in the meadow below. Last year the deer ate all the budding flowers and the ones in the garden had a bloom here or there. The deer must have discovered they had some adverse effect. This year, they left all the buds to flower. There are bits of red everywhere. I'm so inspired, I think I will get some of the orange ones I saw. I don't know if the hummingbirds will be as delighted with the orange as the red, but they are just as vibrant in color.

Looking out this window in the morning helps to set the tone of the day. Some days are gray and dreary outside, and I have to confess my mood often follows. But today, the sun is shining, the day promises to be bright, and I'm headed to the garden to pull some weeds. The bright red of the crocosmia has filled my heart and inspired me to activity.

Many blessings, Victoria