Grief, Death and Dying

What follows is a combination of poetry written after my son's death by suicide and writing during the journey of my mom's death from kidney disease.

A Garden Path

Garden path

Our home sits at the top of a long sloping hill. In front of the house is a steep area. The previous owners put down weed block and covered the hill in lavender. It's beautiful, but I don't like weed block. It suffocates the soil and doesn't allow the natural flow of nutrients. It also meant anything in the way of wood chips ended up at the bottom of the area. It was also almost impossible to navigate.

A Gathering of Family

Mandala at final placeA gathering of family
to honor the birthday
of a loved one, now gone.
Candles fluttering or
flickering out in the breeze.
Flowers placed on the mandala
surrounding his final resting place.
Bits of sharing,
a few tears,
some silence
and some laughter.
Then on to a glass of wine,
a "blech" by Grandma as
she tastes the brew she doesn't like.