Life Lessons

Spring Into Action

Several years ago I participated in a personal growth retreat. The retreat consisted of exercises, some in groups and others individually oriented. During one of the group exercises, we were given a map, several tools and told to head out and setup camp when we arrived. The group I was in spent considerable time planning how we were going to arrive at the appropriate location. The other groups were long gone before we finally decided we should quit planning and start moving.


The energies are swirling around me, pushing me to growth and change. And, I am uncomfortable.

I am taking an herbal class on herbal energetics. The goal is to learn to communicate with plants through our senses, primarily through taste. One of the first lessons is about the need to connect with nature and to be open.

I have also signed up for a two week challenge by Kamana to spend time in nature each day for 15 days giving thanks. Part of this process is about being in a sit spot which is a place to observe and connect in nature.

LIfe unfurling

I can feel the energy of spring pushing through the surface of my mind. Like the first leaves unfurling from the dormant plant, my being seems to be awakening. It's been a long winter, lasting several seasons for me but I feel this excitement about life that hasn't been there for a long time.

The Insidious Nature of Anger

I am recovering from a urinary tract infection. While I was reading articles deciding how I wanted to treat the infection, I found several referring to the emotional state of being "pissed off" and how it may be related to the infection. At first I thought I really wasn't angry about anything and moved on to other articles.
But, this morning, all of the anger has surfaced and I wonder which piece or pieces may have contributed to the infection...

Connect with nature

We've all heard the expression to "stop and smell the roses". It really only takes a moment to look around us and breathe in the beauty of nature. It may be a flower, the snow, cloud formations and crystal blue of the sky. Take a moment out of each day to appreciate the gift of this great planet we live on.

It is so easy to get focused on where we are going, what's next. But that moment of taking in nature, reconnects us to the present moment and the ability to remember our connectedness.

Git 'er dun!

My daughter and I had a conversation lately about procrastination. She had gotten behind in her studies and had a pretty stressful end of quarter last quarter. We talked about various solutions and she had a plan to avoid it with the new quarter.

Now, I find myself staring at the walls and not doing a thing. It's not like I don't have plenty to do. I simply "don't feel" like doing what is in front of me. Unfortunately, that doesn't get me anywhere and doesn't move me forward in my life.

Clear out the clutter

I have decided rather than choose a new year's resolution this year, I am going to start each month with a new focus. For the month of January it is, clear the clutter.

It seems projects tend to pile up both figuratively and literally in my life. I have lots of ideas about things to do and supplies for old projects I've intended to do throughout the house. I once heard each of these "projects" pulls a bit of our energy anytime we think about them or walk by those supplies.

Letting Go of Perfection

My entire life has been colored by a need for perfection. For years, I believed I could somehow please everyone. Slowly, I discovered that wasn't possible. I started living more from my heart and less from the need to be perfect and have my life look perfect. There is an eerie connection between perfection and control. I think Bree on Desperate Housewives exemplifies this. In order to have everything perfect, we must exert control over every aspect of our lives.

Clearing the mind

Our mind is an incredible tool. It has the capacity to learn and retain knowledge, to facilitate communication and to imagine amazing and wondrous things. It can also create chaos in our relationships, fill us with fear and anxiety and disrupt any possibility of peace in our lives. We can control our minds but few of us do or realize we can. Controlling the mind is the greatest discipline I have found. The first step is to decide what we want to change. If we are having thoughts that are creating fear or discomfort, we can decide we want to think of something else.