Life Lessons

Honor your own value and uniqueness

I was reading through items on Craigslist last night and ran into a painting for sale by Dyrk Godby. That is a fairly unique name and I had to look it up because I went to high school with a Dyrk Godby. Turns out, it was the same guy. I remember him as a great boxer and knew that he had won a middleweight boxing championship. As I read about him, I learned of all the amazing things he has done in his life. He's been a champion rodeo man, a singer and songwriter and a talented painter.

Learn about something new

We have recently started building an aquaponics system. There is nothing like a new project to start the mental juices flowing. We're learning about water quality, raising fish, maintaining nutrient levels for plants... you name it, the list goes on. Fortunately, we found a great resource in the aquaponics forum at Backyard Aquaponics. The people there are great at providing whatever knowledge they have.

Letting go

I quit a job today. It wasn't your ordinary job. I actually worked for two different companies, one each owned by a father and son. One company I get paid for and the other is a startup. I finally reached the point I couldn't do it anymore. During the last year, I've compromised my values and given until I have nothing left to give. So, this morning, I quit.


I've chosen to get healthy this year along with the help of some family members. What I didn't expect was a new spurt of personal growth to go with it. Maybe its because we are relying on one another for motivation and strength to stick with getting healthy. Maybe its running this website and putting myself on the line. I'm not sure which. All I know is that I'm opening my eyes and seeing some things about myself I don't like. It's a painful process that I haven't gone through in a while.

Becoming Me

Submitted by Amber

My life has been filled with so many changes lately. Some days I am totally in awe that I have come this far and that I have so much. I am growing up and finding who I am, this has been a long time coming.

So what is a "Labor of Love" anyhow?

Submitted by Tomplum

Apparently, perception is everything. No, scratch that. Apparently how we arrive at perception is really . . .. . . Maybe if you read on, I will have completed the sentence.

At the tip of a small internal struggle is how my perception of things motivate me. I say small struggle as I'm sure what I see above the surface is truly just the tip of the iceberg.

Remembering who I am

I realized tonight who the Crazy Lady* is. She's the one who makes up stories in her head about bad things happening, or perhaps I should say, life turning out other than what I want. The unfortunate effect of those thoughts is to create chaos in my life. I know and have seen how the negative thoughts in my mind make my life less happy. And, for a long time I didn't let the thoughts creep in.

The five things I value most

One of the things I remember most about my Grandmother was her quilts. She was infamous in our family for using remnants from sewing projects or tearing up old clothing to use for her quilting. Everyone in the family received at least one and some had several. My life is a lot like those quilts, pieced together of new and old. Our family had some dark secrets and the healing journey has led me through a sorting process where I left some pieces behind and kept others to become the quilt of my life today.

Fear is my friend

Much of my life has been spent in fear, keeping me from going after what I wanted and living my life to the fullest. I was unable to put fear behind me and take positive action in the moment until I spent time with a group of people learning to move past their fears. I learned fear did not need to be a roadblock in my life and, in fact, fear could be an ally.