Image of a Rose bud
Photo by Jason Williard (1981-2016); used by permission.

Darkness? That's okay.
Joy? Revel in it.
Uncomfortable? Let it be.
The pain comes in the struggle to be other than we are at this moment.


Hatred or Peace

Image of rose
Photo by Jason Williard (1981-2016); used by permission.
Taken at the Portland International Rose Test Garden

If we respond with hate
to their spewing of hatred
we only multiply hatred in the world

If we react in fear
when they rattle their sabers
we only perpetuate the battle


Season's Greetings

Image of a country road in winter
Photo by Author

Holiday Greetings~

I know I've been quiet lately. The push this last fall finally got me, and I decided to step away for a bit. I know some communication would have been helpful, but sometimes we need to walk away. No words. No story. Just honor the call within and rest.

Step Into the Light

Photo of bridge
Photo by Jason Williard (1981-2016); used by permission.

we can build walls
or we can build bridges
we can withhold
or we can surrender
we can step into the light
or we can hide in the darkness
each day carries choice
what kind of life do we want


Poetry Revealed

Image of a bridge and a bird
Photo by Jason Williard (1981-2016), used by permission.

Poetry flew into my life one night
on the wings of another's writing
She came calling my name
asking me to step into the dark
trust this new friend
open my heart and soul
reach down, draw forth


A New Path

Image of a path in the woods
Photo by Jason Williard (1981-2016); used by permission

The old path:

I feel it coming
emotion building
pressure from the inside
molten lava at the core
aching for release
vibrates across the landscape
tears the world apart
scarring everything it touches
healing, a slow painful process



Image of broken bluebird knick-knack
Photo by author

Message from beyond or coincidence

Visitations -
those moments
when loved ones
who have passed
make their presence known

A balloon landing in a tree says
"I Miss You Mom"

A timer goes crazy
spinning and beeping
in the middle
of a family dinner

Grief, Death and Dying