Grief, Death and Dying

What follows is a combination of poetry written after my son's death by suicide and writing during the journey of my mom's death from kidney disease.

A Dark December Day

They told me it would be like this. Body declining. Fewer and fewer of those we love in the here and now. Life becoming narrower. But, I never believed them.

I mean it's true. We can have days when the darkness settles, clouds are heavy both outdoors and in my mind. I can feel the weight of it, the texture of darkness painted on my bones.

But I've learned. Not to let the darkness overwhelm me. Instead, learn to move in the dark. It may not be like spring and youth and oh-so-alive. But it's still movement.

Soft and slow. Create. Clear. Learn. Surrender.


Photo by Denny Müller on Unsplash

Content Warning: Suicide and Grief

Watching Y&R tonight
Standing on a ledge
Chelsea kisses Billy on the cheek
tells him he's a good guy
says "Tell Connor I slipped"
she jumps
the screen goes black


Visitations - those moments when loved ones who have passed make their presence known.
A balloon landing in a tree says "I Miss You Mom"
A timer goes crazy spinning and beeping in the middle of a family dinner
A knick-knack falls to the floor random, sudden like taking a dive